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What after SEE? – Career Deciding Stage for Future

SLC, School Leaving Certificate newly renamed as Secondary Education Examination (SEE), namely, “Iron Gate” in Nepal is the starting point to the future of any student life. It is the career deciding stage for future. This is the phase which bridges the gap between where we are and where we want to be (present and future). In this time, Students believe what they hear or what they see, totally. They go through all the rumors they hear in their society. They rely completely on advertisement they see in various Medias which ultimately develops confusions in them to decide about the next! They fall in the wrong insist from families member, relatives, friends and so on and finally fail. As a result they have to drop out themselves from colleges or the stream they are studying in. The data shows that 538,182 students appeared SEE examination this year.

what after see

Which Subject is best after Secondary Education Exam (SEE) ?

Before choosing a particular subject, you have to find out your actual Interest. Numerous faculties are there to decide about next studying course. Among them Science Management and Humanities are the most preferred ones. Some of the choices may be as:

Updated as per Grading System:

slc gpa

Science: It is the most popular course and the mostly preferred one too. The prestige and the security ultimately achieved after studying science has become the most likeable reason for it. Doctor, Engineer are the source of tempting students to study Science. These are the outcomes mainly achieved after studying science only. If one cannot be able to become doctor or engineer they surely get job of teacher with the highest payment too.

Management: It is another preferring subject by the students likely to join after passing SLC.  If you are interested in Accounts then you have to Management course. Another, Hotel management, greatest scope of job ensuring, is also the part of Management. Charter Accountant, Business Administrator are some of the reputed results of studying Management.

Humanities: Mainly to join in politics in future students prefer to study humanities. Arts, music, sociology, psychology etc are the contents of this course. Here, students studying are given lots of platforms to show what they really possess. Teacher is the job ensured by this faculty the most. Here we need to study about history which is and will be very useful now and in days to come. Journalism can also be the good destination after studying humanities.

CTEVT: We are not that familiar with the term CTEVT as much we are in other. In Council for Training Education and Vocational Training, CTEVT we learn the development of own self. It means it is aimed at development of manpower required for different fields.  Carpenter, electrician, etc are the product of CTEVT.

Nursing:  Now a day, most of the Girls are attracted in nursing sector. To get directly involved in medical sector girls prefer nursing over other faculties. Before doing Bachelor in Nursing or soon after completing PCL they get opportunity to work in hospital so it also has become the suitable reason why girls study nursing.

Law: Law can also be another best choice for the further higher level study. Here, all the rules and regulations of the country are taught. Not only of the particular country but as a whole throughout the world which are reliable and practical. Lawyers, Judges are the status one can gain studying law.

Keys to Keep in Mind when choosing College for your Study

  • History of College [Experience]
  • Faculty
  • Facilities
  • well experienced teacher
  • Extra Curriculum Activities
  • Level of Studies [Rank]
  • Outcomes Result

Wait! Wait!! Are You Still in Dilemma?  Ok, Now I am going to give you my personal recommendation to you.

We all know that, this is the era of competition we all compete to each other directly or indirectly. So this competition applies a lot in context of study too. In case of study you must be able to take the decision own self. Study what you want to and what you can. It’s your future so decide yourself about the next. None of the colleges are responsible for failure of students. But you can get the right path for the Future from institutes. The students are responsible for it by themselves. Be smart and think globally about further study and make your life meaning.

SEE Grade 10 Result Online

Exam was already taken from 3rd Chaitra to 11th Chaitra, 2073.  Lakhs of appeared students are curiously waiting for the Grade 10 Result, & the SEE Results are published by the Examination Control Board. Due to Local Election SEE Result might be late. You will also find the SEE Result Details on online official website of SLC Board and Nepal Telecom.

We will be update Grade 10 SEE 2072 Result link as soon as they got published.


We already discussed about what after SLC? Now tell me, what you decided? And do you have any personal suggestion for your friends about planning after SLC then please leave your suggestion via below comment box. We will publish your opinion here.


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